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Need Assistance with Reactivating Your Income Tax Number?

Facing Challenges While Abroad?

If you’re living outside South Africa and have discovered that your South African income tax number is deactivated, handling this from afar can seem daunting. Whether it’s due to immigration or other personal reasons, FMJ Tax Consultants are here to help with your tax number reactivation. If you’ve left retirement funds or have banking needs that require active SARS engagement, we’re equipped to help as long as you can provide the necessary documentation. 

At FMJ Tax Consulting, we also assist in AIT applications and specialize in assisting clients with any tax-related queries.

Streamlined Process for Reactivation

Initial Consultation

Set up a personal call appointment to discuss your unique situation and requirements.

Document Collection

Gather necessary documentation, such as your ID, passport, and proof of residence. We'll guide you through each step.

SARS Appointment and Submission

We book and manage your telephonic appointment with SARS, submit your documents, and follow up on the proceedings.

Monitoring and Escalation

Once documents are accepted, we monitor the process and, if needed, escalate the case to higher authorities to ensure timely resolution.

Final Steps

Address any subsequent issues such as outstanding returns or setting up e-filing login details, ensuring you're fully compliant and clear for future financial activities.

Common Challenges and How We Overcome Them

Discrepancies with SARS Records

If there are mismatches, such as an outdated ID or passport number, these can delay the process. We facilitate corrections to ensure your records are accurate. 

Banking Complications

Without a local bank account, financial transactions can be complex. Our team can assist with AIT applications for international fund transfers.

Documents You'll Need

  • A clear, certified ID or passport (certified within the last three months). 
  • A recent bank statement showing account details and currency (must include the bank’s letterhead). 
  • Proof of address that can be an emailed or posted document (bank statements are not acceptable as proof of address). 
  • A residency certificate confirming your overseas status. 
  • A Power of Attorney allowing us to act on your behalf, along with your old tax number. 


Why Choose FMJ Tax Consultants?

At FMJ, we specialize in handling tax number reactivations for South Africans abroad. Our expert team ensures that your tax affairs are managed efficiently and in compliance with all SARS regulations. Hear from our satisfied clients through testimonials that underscore our commitment and success in resolving their tax issues. 

Get Started Today

Don’t let distance be a barrier to managing your tax responsibilities. Contact us to find out how we can help to reactivate your tax number and restore your peace of mind.